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Buddy New Zealand

When I was a little girl my mother dressed me in her own hand made designs with the final touch to all my ensembles being my woollen cape. Now that I have a daughter of my own I am continuing the tradition and sharing this with you.

As a new mum there is so much to learn and become efficient at – putting arms in small funnels of sleeves can be quite daunting when all you really want to achieve is warmth and comfort. There had to be an easier solution to have these essential assurances without restricting movement. Our signature patented Buddy Woollen Hooded Cape is fantastic for transitioning between the car seat to your next adventure as you don’t have the additional bulk around arm restraints and is a beautiful liner when your baby is in the buggy. Whether its to keep out the 4 seasons or to offer comfort when nursing the Buddy New Zealand Merino Wool Collection is user friendly for Mum and Dad and most importantly gentle, soft and luxurious against your child’s skin.

New Zealand merino is renewable, sustainable and biodegradable. Renowned for luxury, quality and performance it is 100% natural, breathable and low allergy risk. Merino fibre actively regulates temperature, is breathable and controls moisture. Merino easily adapts to the body’s temperature in changing conditions enabling your child to retain the optimum safe temperature in hot or cold environments.

Proudly grown, milled and made in New Zealand we are confident that the Buddy range will become essential to your daily living for today, tomorrow & for generations to come. We wish you happiness and joy with your little Buddy